Unblock Websites : How to Open YouTube In Pakistan.. Video Tutorial

Unblock Sites : How To Open YouTube In Pakistan….

Now Zubair Rehman Introduce you a very interesting topic, that is How to Open All banned Sites In Pakistan…
Due to This Topic I can say 2 discussion which is..

  • How to Open YouTube In Pakistan
  • How to Open Block Sites In Pakistan

You can Open YouTube and All Block Sites without using any Soft Ware and any Proxy.
Nowadays many Peoples used different proxies and other Soft ware for the purpose to open Blocked Sites.. But these Soft ware and Proxies give result slow the speed of Internet and computer.
So that’s why People become Dishearten.
Passage of Time New Soft ware, Proxies and Extension Developed, I’m telling about Extension that is ZenMate. ZenMate is Google Product ..
We can add ZenMate in any Browser like.. Google Chrome, Opera.

How to Add ZenMate in Browser :

  1. Open your Browser.. like Google Chrome, Opera Mini
  2. Go to Setting > Extension
  3. Write > ZenMate
  4. Click on the Box {add to extension}
  5. Click Here

So You Done it….

Its Speed is Very Wonder full…
See Video Below .. 

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I assure that You understand my Topic and Video..  

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