Make Money from YouTube With Videos Tutorials

How to Make Money Via YOU-TUBE With Videos Tutorials:

 As every person is busy in making money but no one pays attention to online working. You can make money from different sources. Like: YouTube, daily motion,,…etc. these are all the video websites. Making money from YouTube is not difficult once you go through it will be on your fingertips. But wherever you are working there are some rules and regulations which you have to follow. YouTube is blocked in Pakistan but that’s not an issue you can make account on YouTube by following my tips and tricks to make an account on YouTube.

How to create an account on YouTube?

If you have an account on G mail then you have access on all Google properties/account. If you don’t have an account on G mail > So Don’t worry, Then firstly make an account on G mail.  This will allow you to access an account on YouTube.

How to Earn Money Via YouTube

How to do settings on YouTube?

Firstly Login in YouTube Account>  Go to top right of your profile of YouTube then select the option “creator studio then u will be taken to dashboard then tap channel option and to enable the ”MONETIZING  go to “ADVANCE” option and select any other country except Pakistan (as u know its banned in Pakistan). For other settings watch the videos given below.
Terms and conditions to have Ad Sense account:

Upload at least 2 videos own Created before u apply for Ad Sense account.
Must be your own created.
There should be some views to your video. 
Caution to forestall future trouble for Ad Sense account:
Don’t click on your own ads of video.
Don’t ask your friend to click on your video ads.
Don’t make money by going out of the way.
Watch videos for further details.

Earn Money VIA YouTube Training Video 1.

This is my First Class With Video About Earn Money Through YouTube..

Earn Money VIA YouTube Training Video 2.

All YouTube Settings and Features In Detail. 

Earn Money VIA YouTube Training Video 3.

Channel Settings and Video Manager In Detail.

Earn Money VIA YouTube Training Video 4.

Video Monetization And AdSence Explanation.

Earn Money VIA YouTube Training Video 5.

Monetization And AdSence In Detail.

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